Lecco and surroundings

The sights to visit in Lecco Province

Lecco and the surrounding area is a wonderful place to visit at any time of the year, and offers a number of possibilities for different types of holiday. If you like to immerse yourself in nature or culture, you'll find that Lecco province has a wealth of treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Mountain tourism

The scenic beauty of the mountains provides the backdrop for a wide range of exhilarating experiences. The mountains can be enjoyed both in winter and during the summer season for a number of different activities including skiing, climbing, hiking trails, mountain biking and parachuting. 
Mountains in Lecco
sightseeing of lecco

The beauty of the city

Lecco is a city of art and culture. Among the most important monuments is the 13th century Minor Roman Basilica of St. Nicholas. In 1774 the Basilica had a neoclassical facade added that makes it a unique architectural specimen. Another place full of historical and artistic value is Villa Manzoni, where the writer Alessandro Manzoni spent his early years into adulthood, and where the Sacred Hymns, Adelchi and The Betrothed were born.
The Centro Commerciale Le Meridian - the shopping centre - is also conveniently located, just 500m from the hotel.

Lake activities

Lecco overlooks a branch of Lake Como, which means that there is a whole world of water sports waiting for you. You can enjoy fantastic activities like swimming, kayaking, surfing and wind surfing on the lake in addition to calm and relaxing boat trips.
water sports in lecco
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